AC/DC Converter LO Series with Dual or Triple Outputs

      MORNSUN announced new AC/DC Converter LO Series, LO10-26D0512-04L and LO20-10C0512-01. Both of them are cost-effective.

       LO10-26D0512-04L specialized for electric meter is in compact size, with ultra-wide input voltage of 57-528VAC (80-745VDC) and dual outputs (5.1VDC/1.2A, 12VDC/0.4A), which meets the requirements of 380/220VAC nominal voltage of three-phase four-wire system and any two wires connection from three-phase four-wire system. The converter offers 4000VAC isolation, provides protections such as SCP, OCP and OVP and meets IEC/EN61000 standard of “EFT (±4KV), surge (±2KV) and CE/RE meets CISPR22/EN55022 CLASS B”. Therefore, LO10-26D0512-04L is suitable for applications in which has higher requirement for isolation and EMC performance, e.g. three-phase four-wire electric meter. Customization is acceptable.

      Open frame LO20-10C0512-01 is a AC/DC Converter with high voltage accuracy & triple outputs (5V/500mA, 12V/1200mA, -12V/150mA) specialized for AC charging point. It features output voltage accuracy (≤±3%) and load regulation (≤±5%). The converter also offers wide input voltage range of 165-264VAC (230 - 370VDC), 3000VAC isolation, high efficiency up to 78% and takes both DC and AC input voltage. Similar to LO10-26D0512-04L, LO20-10C0512-01 also have protections such as SCP, OCP and OVP. It is suitable for AC charging point, industrial control and other industrial equipment applications even in harsh environment.  

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