200W Ultra-wide Input Voltage, Isolated & Regulated Output DC/DC Converters URF48_QB-200WR3 Series

     200W Ultra-wide Input Voltage, Isolated & Regulated Output DC/DC Converters URF48_QB-200WR3 Series
     To meet the demands of traditional industrial control and communication industries for DC/DC converters, MORNSUN expands 100W wide input voltage R3 converters to 200W URF48_QB-200WR3 series. The series feature: wide input voltage of 18-75VDC, international standard package (1/4 brick), operating temperature ranging from -40 to +85℃, and input UVP, SCP, OCP, OVP and OTP. Isolation voltage is 2250VDC and high efficiency is up to 91%. In addition to traditional industries, such as industrial, communications, electricity and rail transportation, they are applicable to emerging manufacturing industries, for instance intelligent manufacturing and intelligent robots, and new energy industries including wind energy controllers, electric vehicles, etc.
     Intermediate bus in industrial control system, rail vehicle monitoring equipment, MVB bus, display, control doors and HVAC electrical controller, logistics robot, etc.


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