100W 18-75V Input DC/DC Converter URF48_QB-100WR3 Series

Along with the upgrading of traditional manufacturing and increasing input in industrial automation, traditional industries such as industrial control and communication industries increase their demand for medium-power DC/DC power supply. 


MORNSUN introduces a new 100W DC/DC converter- URF48_QB-100WR3 series which has an ultra-wide input voltage  of 18-75V and can be widely used in industrial control, communication, electricity and railway; such as intermediate bus of Industrial control system, distributed power system, wireless network equipment system, medium and high power control system, and long-distance DC power supply system.

With an efficiency up to 94%, URF48_QB-100WR3 series seek for further “cost reduction and efficiency improvement”. In addition to quality guarantee, service assurance and technical support, this series also provide customers with better choice with its high reliability and excellent performance.

With continuation advantages of R3 DC/DC converters, the converters of wide input voltage keep extending profiles.URF-QB-75W/150W/200R3 series in same package will come soon and so do 24V (9-36V) input voltage URF-QB-100WR3 series.  



Intelligent Inspection Robot for Power Substation

Intelligent substation inspection robots all day and night inspect the power transmission equipment to monitor and ensure the safety of equipment, including data collection, video surveillance, temperature and humidity, pressure measurement. When accidents occur, the robot can even identify equipment failure replacing staff and protect the staff from safety risk. 
   The robot requires strong endurance and has a higher requirement for power module. The two 100W DC/DC converters offering 4:1 input voltage(18-75V ) and high efficiency in the application form a dual drive, simplifying circuit design and reducing power consumption.



> Ultra-wide input voltage range: 18-75VDC

> Isolation: 2250VDC

> Operating temperature: -40 to +85℃
> Input under-voltage protection, output short circuit, over-current, over–voltage and over-temperature protections
>1/4 Brick international standard pin-out, connecting piece and heat sink package available
Meet EN60950    

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